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Sydney Swift was born on March 11, 1924 in Bendigo, Australia. He was in the Royal Australian Air Force.

In 1936 his father joined the air force. Because of this the family had to move to Melbourne.

Swift was an active member of social life. He was an instructor in a Christian youth organisation, played in a local soccer team and was in a swimming club.

Sydney in the youth organisation (photo: Rudy Kenis)

Sydney was also found about music and went to the theater a lot. He was born comedian and a smooth talker.

He had good grades at school. He was studying architect and surveyor the moment he joined the air force in 1943.

(photo: Marcus Theile)

He got the major part of his training in the air force in Australia. At the beginning of 1944 he was transferred to England.

(photo: Marcus Theile)

In July 1944 he did an extra training in Stafford and later in Doncaster . He joined the 460th Squadron on January 1, 1945

Swift made his final flight on February 20-21 1945 while returning from a bombing raid on Dortmund when they were fatally attacked by a German fighter. He was only 21 years old.

Lest we forget...

Temporary grave in Zelem (photo: Marcus Theile)

Grave in Hasselt 2015 (photo: Nick Lieten)

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Source: Rudy Kenis & Marcus Theile