• Alex Jenkins passed away Dear members of WVL
      It is with much sadness that we heard about Alex Jenkins passing away last night in Australia. Alex Jenkins was 92 years old and lived in Orange, Australia.
      Alex became the leader of an international research team in the field of high temperature alloys, and was later appointed to foundation professor at the Sydney University. He retired in 1999 and enjoyed the rest of his life in Orange, Central West New South Wales, Australia with his lovely wife Pauline. Jenkins favorite hang out was his beautiful garden of which he spoke with much pride.
      Alex and his crew were shot in February 1945 in their Lancaster bomber returning from a mission in Germany. They were surprised by a German fighter. His six crew members didn’t survive this attack, Jenkins landed with his parachute in Linkhout.
      Jenkins returned to Linkhout several times. The last time was in May 2012, when he wanted to thank our War Visitors Linkhout personally for our efforts in keeping the memory of him and his crew alive. We are eager to keep on doing this as long as we can. We will always remember their heroism, those who returned home, and those who didn’t.
      We are honored to have met you in Linkhout, Mr. Jenkins, and you will never be forgotten by us. I know you were very proud of us by continuing the memory, but not half as proud as we are of you and your comrades who came over and liberated us all. You are an example to all of us.
      We would also like to thank the mayor and the municipality of Lummen for hanging the flag half-mast at the city hall.
      Our sincere condolences to the family of Alex, especially his wife Pauline.
      RIP Sir
      War Visitors Linkhout

    • Daytrip 'War in north western Limburg' Dear members of WVL
      We're making our first daytrip of the year on February 25, 2017. We will visit several places concerning World War 2 in our region.
      The planning:
      09h00 gathering at the youth club in Linkhout
      09h05 departure to Lommel
      09h50 arrival + visit of the German cemetery in Lommel
      11h10 visit of the secret civil cemetery in Hechtel
      12h00 messtin meal
      13h00 visit of the MKOK museum
      14h30 the bombing of Beverlo and dig up of the Lancaster
      +-/ 16h00 end of the day trip
      We will be doing this day trip with our own vehicles so carpooling is advised.
      The price for this trip is 22 Euro per person. For children under 12 the price is 14 EUro. Please do not forget to pay your membership for 2017 if you haven't done that yet. This is 5 Euro per person. You can transfer your subscribtion (+ membership money) on our account IBAN: BE73 6528 1527 3160 BIC: HBKABE22XXX, please mention 'trip Leopoldsburg' on your subscription.
      When you subscribe please confirm this by sending an e-mail (nicklieten@hotmail.com) or call Nick (0496/72.74.33). Please subscribe before Wednesday February 8.
      Attention: there's a limit of people that can join this day, so be quick!
      Kind regards
      The WVL-board

    • Membership 2017 Dear members of War VIsiors Linkhout
      FIrst of all we would like to wish you all a happy and healthy 2017
      From now on you can become a member for the year 2017. The membership fee is 5 Euro. You can transfer this on our account (IBAN: BE73 6528 1527 3160 BIC: HBKABE22XXX) or give it to one of our board members.
      Your contribution will help financing the cleaning and renovation of the Lancaster monument.
      When you are a member you will receive a membership card from us.
      It's also necessary to be a member if you want to join us on our trips.
      A big thank you from the WVL-board!

    • Charles Jenkins' visit Dear members of WVL
      Last Wednesday we received an e-mail from Charles Jenkins from Australia. He is Fl. lieutenant Alex Jenkins' nephew.
      He enquired where he could find the Lancaster monument in Linkhout since he and his family were passing by in Linkhout on Friday. We immediately suggested to guide them around in Linkhout and visit the graves of the crew in Hasselt.
      We started arranging everything so we could give them detailed and complete information concerning the incident.
      They were very grateful we took the time to guide them around through their Uncle Alex' history in Linkhout, since the amount of time was pretty short.
      Kind regards
      The WVL-board

    • DVD 70th commemoration Lancaster crash Dear members of WVL
      We still have some DVD's left from our 70th commemoration of the Lancaster crash.
      You can order these by transferring 10 Euro on our account (IBAN: BE73 6528 1527 3160 BIC: HBKABE22XXX) with a notification (Name + Lanacaster DVD).
      Please send an e-mail to nicklieten@hotmail.com to confirm your order.