Lancaster monument in Linkhout

The monument at Goeren Linkhout was one of the most important elements when founding our association. It was built with parts of the Lancaster bomber that was shot down in the Linkhout skies in February 1945.

Cleaning and renovating this monument was a main topic for us. By now we have cleaned and renovated the monument several times.

The monument was founded in 1983. Eugeen Jacobs and Victor Vandevennen built this chapel tha was inaugurated On Sunday June 5, 1983 by pastor Raskin, mayor Putzeys, a delegation of the Belgian army and RAF-commander Fersett who laid a wreath in remembrance of the English and Australian crew. The Demer and Laak harmony took care of the music during the commemoration with the help of school kids from Lummen.

Some pictures in color:

In August 2010 we went searching for the monument with a group of curious youngsters. We had plans starting an association and just a few days later we founded War Vitsiors Linkhout. The monument was easy to find, despite it being competely overgrown and being in a ruinous state. The commemoration symbols and texts were practically gone too.

On September 17, 2011 we had our first renovation day. We wanted to create a great place of remembrance so we worked all day. We were very satisfied with the result that day:

The coming years and months we went cleaning the monumenr regularly, especially when there was a commemoration or a relative came to visit.

We did a second renovation In 2013. We laid clinkers at the monument, painted the gate and put down a new information board.

We are very proud of our achievements. On the other hand, the work is never done at the monument. We will continue cleaning and renovating the monument in the future. Your support by the means of membership money and income from our party will hep financing this. So a very big thank you to all you who have supported us in the past, the present and the future.


There's a memorial to the fallen crew members of the Lancaster at the war memorial in Linkhout, opposite to the church. The war memorial commemorates the fallen of World War 1 and 2 and the 6 crew members that died in the night of 20-21 February 1945.