ALAN GRAHAM - tail gunner

Alan Graham was born on August 27, 1924 in Engeland. He was in the Royal Air Force.

During his training in June 1944 in Hixon, he met Barbara Kent. She was working in Stafford and was a member of the Woman's Auxiliary Air Force (women that served the RAF). She was 21 years at the time.

Barbara Kent (photo: Rudy Kenis)

On October 21, 1944 the young couple got married. Unfortunately they could only spend a few weeks together as a married couple.

Graham started his training in N°1 AGS (Air Gunner Scheme) in Pembrey on April 9, 1944. At the end of this training the following remark was noted: "... a relatively slow student that would get better results if he would work harder...".

In July 1944 he was trained as MUG (Mid Upper Gunner) at 30 OTU in Seighford (Hixon).

In August he changed to tail gunner and replaced Sergeant Silcock who originally was the tail gunner in the crew.

After his marriage Graham went training in Ingham for a few days before being transferred to Lindholm on December 1, 1944, joining his final crew.

On January 1, 1945 he and the crew moved to the 460th Squadron in Binbrook. He did his first operational flight over Germany on January 16, 1945. During this flight he shot a FW190!

Graham made his final flight on February 20-21, 1945, a flight to Dortmund which ended in the fatal crash in Linkhout. He was only 21 years old.

Lest we forget...

Grave in Hasselt 2015 (photo: Nick Lieten)

Source: Rudy Kenis