Word of appreciation

We would like to express our gratitude to some people and organizations.

First of all to our members who join our association every year and support us and the cleaning and renovation of the Lancaster monument and the organisation of commerorations.

We certainly can not forget Rudy Kenis. Thanks to his research and beautiful book about the Lancaster crash and it's crew we got motivated to take care of the monument and the story behind the horrible incident and the crew. It's also thanks to Rudy that we got in contact with so many nice people from in and out of Belgium that are directly or indirectly connected to the Lancaster incident.
Rudy also was one of the founding people that built the monument in the early 1980's commemorating the crash in 1945. We are honoured to continue the care for this monument.

We would also like to thank the Jacobs family. It's on their domain the Lancaster monument is located. Without their permission the monument would still be in a ruinous condition now. We are very pleased and grateful we got the chance to renovate the monument in a state it shoukd be. A place to keep the memory of the heroes alive.

Furthermore we would like to thank the town of Lummen for their cooperation during past renovations and commemorations and certainly with making Alex Jenkins' last visit a memorable day.

We as a board are certainly not infalible and realize only too well that we might have not mentioned everyone here above, but we hope you all realize that we are grateful to all volunteers and interested people for their efforts, interest and cooperation.

The WVL-board