bernard maxwell clegg - marconist

Bernard Clegg was born on October 27, 1924 Southport, Queensland, Australia. He was in the Royal Australian Air Force.

Cleggs parents were an older couple. Unfortunately there's no trace of the Clegg family, despite them having contact with Jenkins' and Campbells parents for a while.

Clegg got his basic training in Australia and an improved training as a marconist in Engeland.

At the beginning of August he was transferred to 30 OTU Seighford and from August 21, 1944 he joined Jenkins' crew and made the same raids over Germany as them.

Clegg made his final flight on February 20-21, 1945, a flight to Dortmund which ended in the fatal crash in Linkhout. He was only 20 years old.

Lest we forget...

Grave in Hasselt 2015 (photo: Nick Lieten)

Source: Rudy Kenis