HERBERT Thomas CAMPBELL - bombardier

Herbert Campbell was born on June 10, 1922 in Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia. He was in the Royal Australian Air Force.

When he was 17, he was hired as a clerk in a bank in Mudgee.

In 1940 he was called to military service. He wanted to join the air force, but his father didn't give him permission. He kept on insisting and his father changed his mind.

Campbell started flight training in April 1943 in Narromine, New South Wales. In June he was transferred to Emire Air Training Scheme in Canada. He celebrated his 21st birthday along with his parents, two sisters and brother in law in Mudgee before leaving for Canada. He got a watch as a present, in which his name and service number were engraved.

Campbell and his family on his 21st birthday, just before leaving to Canada
(photo: Rudy Kenis)

Campbell arrived in Canada in July 1943. He was trained to be a pilot in Ontario, but this training was interrupted on August 18. He was unable to do the course for unknown reasons. Campbell was given the choice: return to Australia or retrain to become a navigator or bombardier. He chose the second.

Campbell was sent to Manning Pool in Toronto. He started his trainign in November 1943. On February 24, 1944 he qualified as a bombardier and in April he was shipped for a long trip to Engeland where he was further instructred to become a bombardier in Penrhos, in June 1944.

Campbell stayed in Llandwrong for the whole month of July in the No.9 AFU where he did bomber practise with Avro Anson bombers.

In August 1944 he was transferred to No.30 OTU in Seighford where he was added to Alex Jenkins' crew on August 21.

Sydney Swift and Herbert Campbell (photo: Marcus Theile)

On January 1 januari Campbell joined the 460th Squadron in Binbrook where he started operational bombardments on Germany: Zeitz, Weisbaden, Bottrop, Politz, Dresden and Dortmund

Campbell during Christmas 1944 (photo: Marcus Theile)

Campbell made his final flight on February 20-21, 1945 during the fatal flight to Dortmund. He was 22 years old.

Lest we forget...

Grave in Hasselt 2015 (photo: Nick Lieten)

Source: Rudy Kenis