• EVENTS 2015



      70tj commemoration Lancaster crash


      Diggers Day Dear members of WVL
      On Saturday April 25 we're having our first Diggers day. We're going to search for war relics in Linkhout. We gather at the youth club D'Addaruis in Linkhout (behind the church) at 9h00. Make sure you bring the right shoes and clothes.
      This event is free, but since we're going to rent some metal detectors we would like you to subscribe for this event so we know how much we have to rent. Even if you bring your own metal detector, please let us know. If possible, please bring a shovel too.
      You can register before April 12 by sending an e-mail to info@warvisitorslinkhout.be.
      At noon we take care of sandwiches, they can be ordered on the day itself.
      In the evening we're going to have dinner at 't Vloot in Linkhout. You need to register for this too because we have to make a reservation. Please do this before April 12. You can bring your partner too.
      Please register on time for both, registratin only possible through e-mail (info@warvisitorslinkhout.be).
      We hope many of you will join us and have a succesfull search.
      Kind regards
      WVL board

      Armistice day remembrance 9h45 gathering at the Lancaster monument (between 10h00 and 10h30 OC De Link will be open for coffee)
      10h30 remembrance mass
      11h30 reception at O.C. De Link
      Organisation: Lummen city council and NSB Lummen

      Battle of the Bulge weekend Dear members of WVL
      From Friday November 20 until Sunday November 22 we're going to make another trip. This time we travel to the Belgian/German border and learn more about the start of the Battle of the Bulge, the Peiper-route and so on... with our top guide Reg Jans.
      We gather at 16h45 on November 20 at the youth club D'Addarios in Linkhout where we will leave for PrĂ¼m at 17h00. We will spend 2 nights there.
      On Friday evening we will book a restaurant and you have the opportunity to have a drink in the little city.
      We will have breakfast together at the hotel on Saturday morning before we take off for a full day of reliving history with our guide Reg jans.
      In the evening we book another restaurant and again you're free to go where you want after dinner.
      On Sunday morning after breakfast, we check out of the hotel and have another day full of Battle of the Bulge history with Reg Jans. We think to arrive back home between 19h00 and 20h00.
      The price for the weekend will be 150 euro per person. Included is transport, 2 nights in a three stars hotel (where you have the possibility to use the wellness and sauna for free), breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, tour guide Reg Jans' stories.
      Please register before Sunday October 18. You're registered when we received your payment on our account: IBAN: BE73 6528 1527 3160 BIC: HBKABE22XXX.
      Please confirm by sending an e-mail to info@warvisitorslinkhout.be.
      Kind regards
      WVL board